Ali Mahdi

Environmental Engineer

Journal Paper

The Treatment of High-Strength Alcohol Distillery Wastewater Using Electro-Fenton Oxidation: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology

Ali Mahdi (, Majid Baghdadi (, Gholamreza Nabi bidhendi (


In this study, an Electro-Fenton process was employed to treat high-strength alcohol distillery wastewater. The Central Composite Design (CCD) and Response Surface Methodology (RSM) were used to design and optimize the process. The regression quadratic model describing the COD removal efficiency of the Electro-Fenton process was developed and evaluated by the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The significance levels of linear and interaction effects of the reaction parameters on the efficiency of the process were investigated. The optimum parameters were determined as? electrodes in a ? arrangement with a ? interval,? mol/l of electrolyte salt, pH? the current density of? mA/cm2,? g/l of H2O2, and reaction time of? h.The corresponding removal efficiencies for COD, color, and turbidity were approximate?%, ?%, and ?%, respectively, and energy consumption of? kWh/kg CODremovalwas achieved. In the final stage, in order to save water and enhance the efficiency of this method for wastewater treatment, the treated wastewater in the previous step…

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